Blog #7 – Leadership Statement

After participating in a leadership event, develop a leadership statement describing what type of leader you would like to be. What leadership qualities do you value? What leadership qualities do you possess? What leadership qualities will you be working on strengthening? What steps are you taking in order to develop your leadership skills?  How have you utilized these skills thus far in academia and professional settings?

I want to be the kind of leader that inspires people, who has integrity, has genuine care for his followers, and treats everyone with respect. I value honesty, integrity, strong ethical values, compassion, empathy, ect in a leader. I believe I possess most of the aforementioned traits to varying degrees, obviously I have much to improve on, but a solid base exists. I am taking on formal leadership roles across a variety of student organizations such as the Southeast Asia Club and Student Association to develop my skills. I am also taking on informal leadership by mentoring other students in my Bible study. These leadership skills have allowed me to lead my Southeast Asia Club with success this year and has helped me get an internship this summer.

Blog #7 – Leadership Statement

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