Blog #5 – Professional Development

Professional Development:

What are some of the skills you have obtained thus far that will prepare you for internships or for work in a professional environment? What skills to you intend on strengthening? How have you utilized these skills thus far in academia and professional settings?

I have obtained great people skills from my extensive travels and from my experiences here at NIU. I am able to communicate comfortably and clearly in a wide variety of social settings and across multiple languages. With these skills I will be able to thrive in an international business internship as communication and cultural understanding are critical. When working in a professional environment, a person must be sensitive enough to pick up on social clues but also confident enough to make you opinions heard in a respectful manner. Fortunately, I have had extensive experience in both of these areas by studying abroad and also interacting with alumni and student groups here  on campus.

I would like to strengthen my oratory abilities so that I feel more at ease when giving presentations and during meetings. I will work towards this goal by presenting research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research this upcoming April. I have used all the aforementioned skills here at NIU in running the Southeast Asia Club as its president, making presentations on a wide variety of topics in classes, welcomed international students to NIU, and lastly through my study abroad experiences with the university.

Blog #5 – Professional Development

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