Responsible Conduct In Research Presentation.

Shannon’s Wapole’s presentation on Responsible Conduct in Research showed me that researchers must be very careful in how they conduct their research or else they may run into a whole slew of problems. If not conducted with the utmost care, research could be tainted with personal biases, rivalries among colleagues for credit, or even faulty data collection. In the business world, ethics plays a massive role in the way a business is run. If a company is not ethical, customers will not use their services and the business will fail. For this reason, ethics is one of the most important factors in making business decisions. The most common ethical question to arise in the business world is competing interests. Before a major decision is made all parties must be scrutinized to see if any ulterior motive exists other than explicitly stated. A deal could be made, or not made, in order to benefit one’s interests over the interests of the group if they have any dealings on the side. This issue is dealt with by looking into all interested parties backgrounds before making any deal. The business world requires a high level of personal integrity as well to combat this issue. In my personal research one challenge I will face is maintaining an impartial status while the research is in progress. I will need to reserve my own personal judgement until all the evidence has been examined and a result discovered. The United States and Indonesia are both countries which I love, but in this research, neither can be given an advantage over the other. I will remain impartial by frequently discussing my findings with my mentor and contrast those findings with other sources.

Responsible Conduct In Research Presentation.

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